Chief Ophthalmologist in Armenia AECP’s history includes a rewarding relationship with three generations of the Malayan family. In 1988, AECP Founder & President Dr. Roger Ohanesian had what would be a very fortuitous meeting with Dr. Alex Malayan in California. Dr. Malayan was visiting from Armenia as the guest of a fellow Armenian ophthalmologist, the […]

WORKING MOTHERS SHARE SIMILAR CHALLENGES WORLDWIDE Anna Hovakimyan, Chief of the Corneal-Uveitis Clinic at the Malayan Ophthalmologic Center in Yerevan, Armenia, encounters the same challenges as other working mothers worldwide. How does she balance her roles as mother, wife and physician? “With great difficulty,” Dr. Hovakimyan says. Though her days are always filled with conflicting […]

MOTHER, DAUGHTER, WIFE, TEACHER & CHIEF OF GLAUCOMA SURGERY When you ask Lilit Voskanyan which of her many roles – mother, doctor, wife, teacher, daughter, medical chief, friend – she likes best, she responds, “All of them!” As Chief of Glaucoma Surgery at the Malayan Ophthalmological Center in Yerevan, Dr. Voskanyan sees more than 50 […]

Doctor Mom In theory and in practice, Dr. Armine Gharakeshishyan made the most of her one-year AECP fellowship abroad. For the first six months, she learned about neuro-ophthalmology and orbital surgery (facial reconstruction) under the auspices of Dr. Steven Feldon, Director of the University of Rochester Eye Institute in New York. For the remaining six […]

FIRST EYECARE PROJECT FELLOW Armen Vardanyan, the Armenian EyeCare Project’s (AECP) very first Fellow, views his selection as “both a great honor and a big responsibility.” Chosen in 1996 as the first AECP-AAMSOC (Armenian American Medical Society of California) Scholars participant, Armen studied with Dr. Barry Kuppermann at the University of California, Irvine (UCI.) Armen […]

For Lilit Mkrtchyan, it was an emotional moment when she learned she was the recipient of an Armenian EyeCare Project (AECP) Fellowship to study low vision in the United States. “I had a mixture of feelings — joy, excitement, novelty and a deep responsibility,” she said. Now an ophthalmologist in the Pediatric Department of the […]

Tadevos likes traveling and exploring other cultures and countries. He enjoys reading specialized medical literature and considers self-education an important part of his daily routine. Tadevos Hovhannisyan is responsible for performing vitreo-retinal surgeries in Armenia. He joined the AECP in 2003 and since 2010, has been performing the complicated retinal surgeries as part of the […]

MEH COORDINATOR “OPERATES” AS AECP PHYSICIAN AND MECHANIC Asatour Hovsepyan’s talents as a surgeon and mechanic are ideally suited to his roles as the AECP’s Mobile Eye Hospital (MEH) Coordinator and as a part-time surgeon at the Malayan Ophthalmological Center (MOC.) “The most valuable thing is that the MEH comes to the patient and offers […]

PERFORMED FIRST LASER PROCEDURE IN ARMENIA A career with no shortage of accomplishments and firsts, in 1986 Spartak Ohanyan was given the opportunity to set up a laser clinic at the Republican Eye Hospital (now the Malayan Ophthalmological Center) in Yerevan. “I can say that I actually founded laser treatment in Armenia,” Ohanyan says. Dr. […]

A Q&A WITH GEORGI Background Born When: 13 October 1955 Born Where: Yerevan, Armenia Number of Brothers: – Number of Sisters: One Where did you live when you were a child: Yerevan What were your favorite things to do when you were a child or a teenager? Studying at school and playing football FAMILY LIFE: MARRIAGE […]

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