Armenian Physicians Participate in IHI Open School in Armenia

It has been four years now that the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has had an Armenian chapter. We are delighted to announce that another group of Armenian doctors and policymakers have successfully completed the IHI Open School Courses in March 2024.

The program was initiated in 2017 by Dr. Khodam Rostomian, MD, MBA, CPPS, an AECP board member; Area Medical Director of Antelope Valley’s Kaiser Permanente Medical Center; Chief of the Ophthalmology Department and Member of the SCPMG Board of Directors. Dr. Rostomian wanted to help Armenian professionals enrich their knowledge in a number of quality and safety related topics and be abreast of the newest trends in healthcare management.  

Dr. Rostomian’s idea, reinforced by the interest of healthcare professionals, Armenia’s Ministry of Health and the support of the Armenian EyeCare Project, grew into the opening of the AECP Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School in Armenia.

During the four years of this program’s functioning, more than 190 medical specialists from all over Armenia have participated in the online courses. Among participants are also representatives of governmental and educational structures. Regular online and offline discussions are organized to secure experience exchange among participants who share their opinions on situations and problem-solving strategies, offered during the courses.

Below is just some of the positive feedback we have received from group members:

“It was a great privilege to participate in the healthcare improvement courses. I gained tremendous knowledge and I am eager to apply it in my current workplace.”

“The course was quite informative with a lot of examples that made the material even more accessible. It gave me knowledge and formed a new way of thinking.”

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