Monthly Archives: May 2024

The World Diabetes Foundation is extending its support of our Diabetes Program in Armenia by funding a $780,000 grant so we may continue our sight-saving work in this sector.

It has been four years now that the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has an Armenian chapter. We are delighted to announce that another group of Armenian doctors and policymakers have successfully completed the IHI Open School Courses in March 2024.

We first met Abgar years ago when he received cataract surgery on our Mobile Eye Hospital. Recently, Abgar has developed another eye disease. So again he turned to the AECP for help.

Since the heartbreaking events of September 2023, Armenians everywhere have made it a priority to help the forcibly displaced refugees from Artsakh. From the first days of the Artsakh peoples’ displacement, the AECP, too, has actively supported our compatriots through services our organization provides.

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