Next Generation Fellowship Program

Since the Armenian EyeCare Project was founded in 1992, medical education and training has been the cornerstone of our organization's strategy to deliver quality eye care to Armenia. Our Fellowship Program, which has “graduated” eight Fellows since 1997, has been extremely successful with the best of Armenia’s ophthalmologists traveling to the U.S. for one year of intensive training at America’s finest medical institutions.

After providing long-term fellowship opportunities to Armenian ophthalmologists in leading eye centers in the U.S., and assisting them in establishing Subspecialty Clinics in Armenia upon their return to the country, the EyeCare Project has launched its second phase of this training program: the Next Generation Fellowship Program.

Our Next Generation Fellowship Program is a three-month accredited program that gives Armenia’s second generation of ophthalmologists the same opportunity to receive advanced medical education and intensive training in their specialty as the Fellows before them. After an exhaustive application process, six top-performing candidates have been selected as the AECP’s Next Generation Fellows. For the past year, these physicians have observed and learned under the direction of our past Fellows at our Subspecialty Clinics in Yerevan.

They now have the opportunity to travel to the U.S. and continue their education at some of the best medical institutions for three-month fellowships in their respective specialties, which include cornea; retina; glaucoma; and pediatric ophthalmology. Fellows will learn and train under the direction of some of the most skilled ophthalmologists in the U.S. at institutions that include Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Jules Stein Eye Institute; Massachusetts Eye and Ear; Wills Eye Hospital and more.

First they need your help. These NextGen Fellows are in need of sponsors for their U.S. fellowship. You can help support this critical program by sponsoring a Fellow in full or in part; underwriting an expense; or donating what you can. There are also naming opportunities for those who sponsor a Fellow, whether as an individual, organization or group of family and friends. Best yet, you can be the reason an ophthalmologist in Armenia gets the advanced training they need to provide quality eye care to residents in their country. Get to know our NextGen Fellows and discover what inspires them, what their goals are through participating in this program and what are their ultimate hopes and dreams for Armenia.

Meet our Next Generation Fellows