Patient Receives Second Cornea Transplant Through AECP

“I had a simple dream to be a good mother for my boys but I was not even able to buy something without someone’s assistance due to my poor vision,” Susanna Kareyan said, trying to hide her tears while recalling the memory.  It was painful for her to remember that she was deprived of being independent for so many years due to keratoconus.

Her suffering stopped in 1995 when she met AECP Founder Dr. Roger Ohanesian who was in Armenia with other volunteer physicians during the nonprofit’s Medical Mission to aid in eye care services for patients in the country, including performing cornea transplants. Susanna had previously read about this procedure in a medical journal and was fearful there may be negative consequences. But despite her fear and doubts, Susanna applied to receive the treatment when she heard about the visit of volunteer physicians from the U.S. by radio.

The result of Susanna’s procedure was mesmerizing. Susanna’s implanted cornea layer served her for nearly 30 years until most recently when she was in need of another cornea transplant and was able to receive it through the AECP.  Susanna’s vision is particularly important now because she is the primary caretaker in her family; her husband has been bed-ridden for about 10 years and needs Susanna’s support daily.

Susanna is beyond grateful she has been able to receive two cornea transplants from the AECP in her lifetime. In fact, she had a special message for Dr. Ohanesian and the other physicians involved in our organization. “Dear Roger, all this time I have been sending daily blessings to you and the group of professionals who you brought to Armenia! I am endlessly thankful to you for restoring my vision and bringing me back to normal life!”

We are so happy we have been able to help Susanna restore her sight with not one, but two, cornea transplants. May her restored vision continue to give her the confidence and ability she needs to go about her day-to-day life. 

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