Gagik was born with a rare eye disease. He would need a complex cornea surgery to save his sight.

Asya makes a living sewing washcloths for her neighbors. But she recently had to stop due to issues with her sight.

For decades Abgar dealt with vision problems that only worsened over time. Then he visited our Mobile Eye Hospital.

Baby Garo was born premature and in danger of going blind. With our prompt intervention his sight has been saved.

Zhannetta’s vision started deteriorating and she slowly became blind. Thankfully cataract surgery saved her sight.

Without a corneal transplant, Anahit could lose her sight and with that, her job and income.

Baby Eric was born with a crippling eye disease that would lead to blindness if left untreated. Here is how we helped.

Varditer’s deteriorating vision meant she could no longer care for her grandkids. Then she learned of AECP.

Raphael runs a honey bee farm in Armenia but his cataracts made it hard for him to do his job.

Seda was blind for years because there was no clinic near her town. Then came our Regional Eye Clinic.

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