This retrospective film shows all that the AECP has accomplished in Armenia and what we continue to do.

Watch as three students navigate through our Medical Observership program in Armenia.

Our Regional Eye Centers aim to provide access to eye care for those living outside Armenia’s capital.

Our Mobile Eye Hospital travels Armenia and provide eye care to those who would otherwise be without.

Our Center of Excellence was established to advance eye care for infants and children in Armenia.

Until 2010, infant blindness was a big problem in Armenia. Then the AECP established the Center of Excellence.

Our telemedicine program began because of a need to help babies in Armenia at risk of going blind.

Our Telesurgery program gives physicians in Armenia access to expert training through innovative technology.

The AECP, with CHLA, has developed a training program for nurses in the neonatal intensive care units in Armenia.

Since being founded in 1992, the AECP has made huge advancements in the delivery of eye care in Armenia.

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