Berge Kayaian

When you ask Berge Kayaian why he supports the AECP his answer is simple: he understands there is a solution to eye disease and he knows that he can help. Most recently, Kayaian has sponsored the operating room of our Regional Eye Center in Kapan and has dedicated it to his late mother.

corneal transplants in Armeni

Since our Cornea Transplant Program began in 2016, we have provided over 70 cornea transplants in Armenia thanks to our generous donors and their contributions. However, there are still many Armenians on the list awaiting surgery. One of them is Armine.

Another year, another World Sight Day celebrated in Armenia. The AECP has been honoring the annual day of awareness, which focuses on global attention on blindness and vision impairment, for over a decade now. Find out how we celebrated this year.

On September 21, 1991, the people of Armenia voted to proclaim independence from the Soviet Union. Though challenging at first, the courageous move toward self-governance has led to much progress in Armenia, including the state of medical care in the country. The Armenian EyeCare Project is proud to have been involved in this evolution from the very beginning.

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