Protective Eye Gear for Armenia’s Soldiers

It’s exceedingly clear that due to the continued unrest in the border regions of Armenia, the
demand for care among Armenia’s soldiers is the greatest it has been since the 1990s, during the
first conflict with Azerbaijan. While the AECP continues to prioritize care for Armenia’s injured
soldiers through prosthetic surgery and other treatment options, our organization noticed a need
to provide preventative care for Armenia’s soldiers as well.

To address this urgent need, the AECP has launched its “Protect the Eyes of Those Who
Protect the Motherland” campaign, which will provide Armenia’s soldiers with protective eyewear
so that if there is an attack from cluster bombs or other measures, the soldiers’ eyes are protected,
preventing blindness or serious injury to the eye.

Personal protective eye gear, also known as ballistic eyewear, is a form of glasses or goggles
that protect from small projectiles and fragments. Ballistic eyewear offers protection to soldiers from
potential injuries during training and combat. Military-grade eyewear also offers visibility
enhancement, UV reduction, and ballistic protection from fragments and projectiles in a tactile environment.

The AECP is working with the Armenian government to ensure the protective equipment meets the needs of Armenia and its military system. Once procured, the shipment will be delivered to Armenia and disseminated among soldiers serving in high-risk border areas and active conflict zones.

Our goal is to provide 1,000 pairs of protective eye gear to Armenia’s soldiers, which comes out to a total cost of $100,000. We’ve been fortunate to have already received donations for this campaign, but are in need of more funds to reach our goal. Armenia’s soldiers need our help! Please consider supporting this vital campaign!

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