AECP to Develop Additional Eye Care Facilities in Armenia

Armenia is a country consisting of roughly three million people. While a third of the population — one million — live in the country’s capital (Yerevan), the remaining two third of Armenians — two million — reside in the various other regions of the country, spread throughout 10 provinces.

The mission of AECP has always been to address eye care comprehensively and make care accessible to every child and adult in the country, no matter their location. We began addressing the need to reach the various regions of Armenia with our Mobile Eye Hospital, a state-of-the-art surgical suite on wheels that travels the country and provides eye care at no cost for those who otherwise would not have access.

In addition to our Mobile Eye Hospital, we have also most recently been able to develop five Regional Eye Centers throughout Armenia. These centers are located in five separate provinces of Armenia – Lori, Shirak, Syunik, Tavush and Vayots Dzor – and provide cutting-edge care to residents in these regions.

Now our mission to make eye care accessible to every resident of Armenia continues as we work to develop additional eye care facilities that are spread across all regions of the country. This includes the development of five Eye Examination Clinics in the remaining five provinces of Armenia where there are currently no Regional Eye Centers. It also includes the strengthening of up to 50 smaller polyclinics that will span across all 10 provinces of Armenia.

Through the development of these additional care facilities, all of Armenia’s regions will get access to life-changing quality eye care services and be able to detect eye disease early and prevent complications locally without the need to travel to another province or the country’s capital. These facilities will offer a sustainable, long-term solution that will solve the issue of accessibility and affordability of eye care for the entire population of these regions and surrounding areas. As well, it will contribute to the ongoing process of decentralization of quality eye care by building the capacity of regional doctors. Overall the impact from this initiative will directly contribute to the elimination of preventable blindness in Armenia, which is the number one priority of the AECP.

Our five Eye Examination Clinics will be fully equipped with advanced medical equipment that will allow physicians to perform a more detailed diagnosis and find appropriate treatment solutions. They will provide residents with access to the most up-to-date ophthalmic tools and skilled specialists while also providing a training hub for local physicians and staff.

The AECP places high importance on ensuring sustainability and longevity of any project it undertakes. As such our AECP ophthalmologists will train the local health providers including ophthalmologists, ophthalmological nurses and supporting personnel in the most current eye care techniques to provide comprehensive eye examinations, treatments and referrals. This training will enhance the skills and knowledge of regional physicians through on-the-job training and empower local healthcare providers to regularly conduct eye screening among its population.

Ultimately the establishment of these Eye Exam Clinics will be used to conduct comprehensive eye examinations and offer treatment solutions; train local ophthalmologists and ensure the transfer of international best practices and knowledge throughout Armenia; and contribute directly to the development of primary healthcare being provided in the regions of Armenia.

With the large undertaking of putting in place a more comprehensive eye care delivery system that spans across all regions of Armenia, we are in need of sponsorships to develop these supplemental eye care facilities throughout the country. All sponsorships come with naming opportunities, with either exam clinics or polyclinics being named after a person or entity of your choice.

We are thrilled to report that two Eye Examination Clinics have already been sponsored! One clinic will be sponsored by the Jirair S. and Elizabeth Hovnanian Family Foundation and the other by the Vanitzian Family! Sponsorship levels range from $30,000-$175,000. If you are interested in underwriting an eye care facility, please contact us.

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