Specialized Computer Class for Visually Impaired


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“My biggest worry is that the literature transcribed into Braille is very limited in Armenia and one day I am going to run out of things to read,” she says with a smile. Naira's worries were relieved after two months of intensive Computer Training she underwent at the AECP's Low Vision Center.

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Your gift will provide one month of computer training for people like Naira and change their lives forever. For people with visual impairments, the possibility of using a computer is a big step forward in obtaining access to information, learning new skills and gaining computer literacy.” The AECP Low Vision Center’s Computer Training Program is the first initiative that addresses the need for vocational and life skills for the blind and visually impaired to provide them with the highest possible level of independence. Naira learned computer skills that enable her to touch type, scan, read, transcribe and even “surf the net” to download new books! Filled with excitement and anticipation Naira says, “I have never used a computer before this training and I am now confident I can use the knowledge and skills I have learned independently and there is so much ahead of me!”