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“I am extremely thankful and thrilled to receive my new eyeglasses.”  The excitement and joy on her face was contagious as Jasmine Stepanyan, 78,  tried on her new eyeglasses. “I love reading, but could not. Now I can read again and I am so excited!”

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Your gift includes examinations and new eyeglasses for 50 to 75 people. “These eyeglasses mean a lot for our elderly, some have been wearing 15-years-old glasses because they could not afford a new pair, said the director of the Yerevan Soup Kitchen.  Jasmine, who received her eyeglasses from the Project said, “I was very excited about this opportunity.”  She does not have a family and survives on a pension of less than $30 USD per month, making it difficult to pay for the basics, let alone eyeglasses. The eye screening revealed that 53 of the 95 elderly eating at the Soup Kitchen needed new eye glasses.