Portable Slit Lamp


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Zatik had a big smile on her face as the eye patch was removed and the AECP physicians checked her vision

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Your gift will provide a slit lamp for a clinic in a remote village of Armenia and save sight. For the doctors and clinics in the remote regions of Armenia the purchase of a portable slit lamp, is out of their reach.  A portable slit lamp is a necessary piece of diagnostic equipment for all ophthalmologists or family physicians evaluating and diagnosing eye conditions.  The slit lamp allows doctors to look at the detailed structures of the eye, detect sight-threatening conditions and determine the correct treatment and if surgery is required. Having a slit lamp in the remote regions enables doctors to make an accurate diagnosis and to get the best outcome for their patients.  Without a slit lamp doctors have to use less reliable and antiquated equipment.

“My grandchildren called me hundreds of times yesterday after the surgery asking if I can see and I do! I want to thank you hundreds of times. How do I ever thank you enough?”