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The AECP’s Low Vision Center is the first and only program in Armenia and the surrounding Caucuses that addresses the need for vocational and life skills training for people with visual impairments

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Your gift will help purchase necessary optical devices for the visually impaired? magnifiers, telescopes, special eyeglasses, and other items. It’s essential that all children get an education and having low vision aids will give a child with sight problems the best chance of succeeding in school and going on to lead an independent and fulfilling life. A child with low vision can really struggle in school if they don’t have devices necessary to help them see the board or read textbooks. A simple magnifier or telescope can help a child keep up with the rest of the class.

Before receiving his magnifier and telescope Armen couldn’t keep up with this classmates or read the blackboard. “My magnifier and telescope help me to see in class and read. Now that I can see the blackboard I love coming to school,” said Armen.