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The EyeCare Project receives many requests from people who have sudden and immediate needs as a result of traumatic accidents or an eye disease that has worsened and needs immediate attention. We very often receive these requests from people in the U.S. who have a friend or relative they want us to help or from the patient themselves.

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Your Gift of Greatest Need will give us the ability to respond to urgent needs throughout Armenia and change lives.

“I am writing you on behalf of my aunt, 45, with two children. A music teacher in our hometown of Gyumri, she was a victim of domestic violence leaving her without sight in her left eye and severe damage to her right eye. She has herpes and severe pain in her left eye, which has to be removed and replaced with a prosthetic. She is the only working (mail delivery) person in her family and cannot afford surgery. ¬†With nowhere to turn we are hoping the AECP can help my aunt.