Child Cataract Surgery


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Cataracts in children can be especially serious and are very time sensitive. If a child with a Cataract is not treated before the age of six or seven, they will most likely never regain their sight

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Your gift of a Cataract surgery for a child is a wonderful way of changing a child’s life. With one operation, a child who was blind can regain their sight and look forward to a bright future. They will be able to participate in school, learning to read and right, play with their friends and do all the things other children can do.

Hasmik, an active little girl, liked to run and play but she bumped into things and had to be closely watched. She also loved to play with her friends, but it became too difficult and soon she was staying home alone playing with her toys. When she started school Hasmik was able to listen and understand, but could not learn to read or write because she couldn’t see the blackboard or her books.