Diruhi’s Story

Diruhi Manukyan

On January 30, 2014, Diruhi Manukyan had cataract surgery.  Unfortunately, after the surgery, her sight continued to worsen.  Diruhi was then referred to Dr. Anna Hovakimyan, and after a detailed examination, she was told that she had a damaged cornea and needed a corneal transplant.

“I waited for the transplant for more than a year,” Diruhi, 56, explains.  “My sudden blindness caused many difficulties in my everyday life.  I couldn’t do anything at home and couldn’t look after my grandchildren.”

But soon enough, there was hope; her corneal transplant happened.  “Now I am feeling very good,” she says.  “The pain is relieved and I can see again.”

Diruhi’s family moved to Armenia from Syria over a decade ago.  She and her husband have three sons and two grandchildren.  All her sons are happily married and live in Armenia.