Argishti Harutyunyan

Argishti’s Corneal Transplant

Argishti Harutyunyan started to lose his vision in 2009.  He was diagnosed with an astigmatism and started wearing lenses. However, his sight continued to decline day-by-day and dramatically worsened during his military service.  He had only six months remaining when was referred to the Malayan Ophthalmological Center for a detailed examination.

“I started to wear lenses and with those I could see 10 lines in the eye chart, but the lenses were not very comfortable and they were causing injuries to my eye,” he said.  “Doctors suggested that the solution for my sight would be corneal transplants.”

Argishti, 25, waited for the transplants for a long time, as it is difficult to obtain them in Armenia.  He had almost lost hope and even decided to travel to Tbilisi, Georgia to have the surgery there.  But finally, one day, the doctor called him and told him that there would be an opportunity to get the transplants.

The day after his surgery, Argishti could see without glasses or lenses, although his vision was blurred at first.  Over the following days, his vision continued to improve and he could see very clearly.  Now, Argishti is getting ready for the corneal transplantation surgery for his second eye.

“I would like to add that I am very thankful to the doctors, AECP and the organization that provided the transplants,” Argishti said.  “I would be happy if this initiative would continue, as I know that many people are still waiting for their turn.”

Argishti hopes to soon become a doctor himself.  He is a master’s student at the Yerevan State Medical University and currently works at a pharmacy, as a consultant.  He has a girlfriend and plans to get married after he becomes more confident about his sight.