Adopt a Village

Individual donors have made a big difference in the lives of Adopt-a-Village beneficiaries in Armenia. To date, more than 200 villages have been adopted by donors who have directly contributed to the success of this program. Village adoptions make wonderful gifts and memorials. Donors can choose a village that has a special meaning to their family, where they have relatives or simply select a village where you can reach out and do something to improve the lives of the adults and children in Armenia.

The Adopt-a-Village program invites groups and individuals to sponsor the screening and treatment of residents of a specific village in Armenia who will have access to this care through our Mobile Eye Hospital. The cost of adopting ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the population and the number of days the Mobile Eye Hospital is stationed near the village.

Following our treatment of residents from your adopted village we will send you a report with the results of the eye examinations and surgeries along with photographs and letters from village leaders and patients. We will also have a plaque made with your name placed in the village center. For more information on our Adopt-a-Village Program, please contact us.

Villages for Adoption: 2023

Province Village Population Time Period Amount Click to Adopt
Vayots Dzor Shatin 1,554 July $1,200.00 Adopt
Vayots Dzor Gladzor 2,600 July $1,800.00 Adopt
Vayots Dzor Areni 1,820 July $1,400.00
Vayots Dzor Vernashen 1,172 July $1,150.00 Adopt
Armavir Lusaghyugh 995 September $975.00 Adopt
Armavir Janfida 3,124 October $2,000.00
Armavir Araqs 1,521 November $1,100.00 Adopt
Armavir Nor Kesaria 1,400 November $1,075.00 Adopt