Armenian Physicians

Armenian Physicians

Dr. Lilit Mkrtchyan, Pediatric Ophthalmologist


Armenian Traditions

Visitors are welcomed with open arms and usually with a party, as the AECP physicians will tell you. At the end of a two-week medical mission, they are always honored with a large party the night before they leave. Most Armenian holidays are Christian and are traditionally observed in a Western manner. Christmas is celebrated on the 6th of January, with Christmas trees, gift giving and feasting lasting the entire week from New Year’s Eve to Christmas. A warm and generous people, Armenians are known for their hospitality that especially embraces the table, where feasts can last for several hours.


AECP expanded its holiday screening program this year, visiting three orphanages and two boarding schools in Yerevan. The AECP Mobile Eye Hospital (MOH) team revisited old friends at the Nork and Zatik orphanages. “The visits have become a tradition,” said Nork Director Liana Karapetyan. The team also added three new institutions to its schuedule: the Zeitun Special Orphanage and the Vardashen and Nubarashen boarding schools. Nurse Kristine Grigoryan, who has worked at Vardashen School for two years, feels like she is part of something special. “I love the work,” she says, “There is a feeling of fulfillment, of being a part of a big, caring family, and we are glad that AECP has joined this family.”


José Feliciano

A presence that has bridged musical styles in a way that has never been equaled. Jose Feliciano is recognized as the first Latin Artist to cross over into the English music market, opening the doors for other artists who now play an important role in the American music industry. Feliciano has been acclaimed by critics around the world as “The greatest living guitarist” and referred to as “The Picasso of his Realm.” His accomplishments are highly celebrated and he has been awarded over forty-five Gold and Platinum records and won nineteen Grammy nominations.

Armen Vardanyan

Armen Vardanyan, the Armenian EyeCare Project’s (AECP) first Fellow, views his selection
as “both a great honor and a big responsibility.” Chosen in 1996 as the first AECP-AAMSOC (Armenian American Medical Society of California) Scholars participant, Armen studied with Dr. Barry Kuppermann at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). His one-year fellowship “was both a pleasure and hard work.” Dr. Kuppermann was a special teacher, Armen recalls. “He is a great intellectual and he trusts his Fellows with serious work.”


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