Safety at Home

Prevent Eye Injuries at Home

General Safety Tips

  • Wear protective eyewear or glasses when working with chemicals to protect your eyes from splashes. Never mix cleaning agents and always wash your hands after use.
  • Keep all household chemicals and paints locked up away from children.
  • Do not use bungee or elastic cords. They may snap into your eye and blind you.
  • Champagne corks or the tops of some carbonated beverages can fly into the eye and blind
    you. Point them in a safe direction.

Especially for Children

The leading cause of blindness in children is eye injury and three out of four of children’s eye injuries happen when no adult is present.

  • Avoid toys with sharp or rigid points, shafts, spikes, rods and dangerous edges.
  • Do not let children of any age use projectile-firing toys without adult supervision.
  • Pad or cushion sharp corners and edges of furnishing and home fixtures.
  • Install cabinet and drawer locks in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Do not let children play in areas where cats and dogs go to the bathroom.
  • Do not let children play with sticks

In the Car

  • Know the proper procedures for handling batteries and jump-starting cars. “Dead” batteries can explode and splash you with acid.  When jump starting a car, the last connection is theblack cable to the good battery or car body to prevent the bad battery from exploding.
  • Use infant and child safety seats, safety belts and shoulder harnesses. Keep children in the back away from air bags.

In the Workshop

  • Wear safety glasses when grinding or pounding to protect against flying particles.
  • Never look directly at a solar eclipse or a welders’ torch.
  • Extinguish cigarettes or matches before working around flammable materials or opening the hood of the car.

Around the Yard

  • Wear safety glasses or goggles especially when chopping wood or using power trimmers on bushes and trees.
  • Inspect and remove rocks and twigs from lawns before mowing. Keep children and others out of the area where you are mowing.