Traditions & Holidays

Armenians are extremely proud of their rich heritage and cultural traditions and celebrate often with a level of hospitality unseen by most Westerners. Good-natured, warm, and open, Armenian people often surprise tourists with their level of friendliness, sincerity and generosity.

Visitors are always welcomed with open arms, and usually with a party, as many AECP physicians will tell you. In fact, at the end of a two-week medical mission, AECP physicians are honored with a large celebration the night before they leave.

Armenian hospitality especially embraces the table, where feasts can last for several hours. There is also a strong emphasis on family values among Armenians, along with a deep respect for elders.

Holidays are typically celebrated in the country with a table full of Armenian food and close friends and family surrounding it. With a focus on Christian holidays due to the country’s deep history with the religion, Armenians pay particular attention to Christmas and Easter.

In Armenia, Christmas is celebrated on January 6, with a week of celebration leading up to the holiday, starting from New Year’s. During this week, people exchange gifts, special New Year cookies are baked along with the usual culinary feast, and homes are always open for company