Armenian Diaspora

Armenian Diaspora

Today, more Armenians live outside their country than inside — five million live outside compared to three million who live in Armenia

Armenia has a relatively large diaspora of approximately 8 million, greatly exceeding the less than 3 million population of Armenia itself, with communities existing across the globe. The largest Armenian communities outside of Armenia can be found in Russia, France, Iran, the United States, Georgia, Syria, Lebanon, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Poland and Ukraine.

Approximately 40,000 to 70,000 Armenians still live in Turkey.  About 1,000 Armenians reside in the Armenian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, a remnant of a once-larger community. In addition, approximately 139,000 Armenians live in the de facto country of Nagorno-Karabakh where they form a majority.

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