Armenian People

Natural Resources

Armenia’s natural resources are small deposits of gold, copper, molybdenum, zinc, and alumina.  The land consists of 24 percent permanent pastures, 17 percent arable land, 15 percent forests and woodland, 3 percent permanent crops, and 41 percent other types of land.


Umud Hambardzumyan

Two years ago, Umud started to have problems with his eyes. It started with a cataract and then many other problems started to occur with his vision. As the complications mounted, the doctors had no choice but to remove his corneas. “It has been seven months since I was able to see at all. After doctors removed my corneas, my only hope for being able to see again was to wait for the corneal transplants. It is very hard to lose your sight all of a sudden. I have already started to forget the faces of my dear ones in my memory,” said Umud.