Yerevan is perhaps Armenia’s most popular tourist destination and that may be because the country’s capital has virtually everything a traveler yearns for.

From fun tourist attractions like the dancing fountains of Republic Square, the State Opera House, and the Cascade stairway to more meaningful sites like the Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument, the Armenian Genocide Museum and a long list of ancient churches, Yerevan is filled to the brim with both history and culture. You can even catch breathtaking views of Mount Ararat, a biblical mountain where Noah’s Ark was said to rest, from the highest points of the city.

With a growing number of tourists visiting Armenia, the country’s international airport, Zvartnots, has undergone massive renovations to keep up with the demands of tourism and Yerevan has developed newer construction, like luxury hotels, modern restaurants, and an array of bars, pubs and nightclubs for entertainment.

Armenia’s capital is also just a stone’s throw away from from other historic sites like the Garni Temple, Zvartnots Cathedral and Khor Virap.

Besides the touristic attraction of Armenia’s capital city, the country also has many other areas that entice travelers.

Armenia’s nearly 200 mineral springs bring many people to local health resorts and spas in the country. It is believed that the water has a natural healing effect and is supplied to the locals straight from its springs. Particularly popular areas for patients seeking to treat minor ailments are the Arzni and Jermuk mineral springs.

Other touristic destinations include Lake Sevan, the largest lake in the Caucasus region and a particularly popular spot during summer, and the Tsakhkadzor ski resort, where travelers come to ski and enjoy the icy landscape in the winter.